What Are Reasons Behind Backwardness of Muslims in India?

Muslims around the globe are experiencing some issue. In India alone, the quantity of Muslims is around 17 crore and sadly, the greater part of them are poor and uninformed. I have recorded a portion of the purposes for their backwardness in India, so experience it.

Mughal adaptation of Islam-In my assessment, individuals who had changed over to Islam under impact of Mughal realm additionally acquired luxurious way of life of Mughal lords. Mughal rulers drove luxurious way of life and spread misinterpretations about Islam.

Govt’s lack of care towards Muslims-Government of India doesn’t focus on issues of Muslims. One can see with one’s eye that Muslims are very poor in India. Other than being poor, Muslims are instructively in reverse that further add to issues of Muslims. Govt hasn’t checked out government assistance of Muslims as Muslims have consistently been simply vote bank for them.

Ulemas-There is a lot of contradiction over different issues concerning Muslims in Ulemas (Religious Leaders) particularly identifying with Education. At first Ulemas didn’t endorse western Education because of dread of social attack. Also, presently they have changed their feeling with respect to it. This sort of abrupt change in sentiment create extraordinary arrangement of turmoil among Muslims.

Absence of activities from general Muslims-There are not many bodies that are working for Muslims. Lamentably, there have been numerous instances of extortion in Zakat (Alms) and wakf board’s cash. Overall population don’t speak loudly against these issues because of different reasons like absence of solidarity, Awareness and so forth

Outrageous destitution Not each Unity media news Muslim is Shah Rukh Khan or Azim premji. Most Muslims are as yet living in outrageous destitution. They don’t approach appropriate living offices and their way of life is still extremely poor when contrasted with non Muslims. One can discover Muslims regions messy and unhygienic taking everything into account all through India.

Absence of Education-There are small bunch of schools and colleges for Muslims in India. Absence of activities from Government and Muslims can be ascribed to this. Moreover, aftereffects of Muslims school is incredibly debilitating and baffling. Most Students don’t reach to Matric level. There are modest bunch of Educated Muslims in each city who can speak to Muslims.

Absence of creativity We Muslims have not developed new strategies to improve our everyday routine and experiencing guidelines. Muslims ought to have discovered better approaches for getting things done. Muslims actually use Mughal period innovation for different things.

Unsocial components in the public arena It has been seen that unsocial components in Muslim’s general public come to power and endeavor Muslims in the name religion and network.